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Aichryson tortuosum (Aiton) (10 Seeds)
Aichryson tortuosum (Aiton) (10 Seeds)

Aichryson tortuosum (Aiton) (10 Seeds)

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Often misspelled (tortulosum), Aichryson tortuosum is a small, very ornamental, perennial shrublet 10-15(-20) cm tall with dense tortuous branches, hence the specific name. It has crowded, fleshy and pubescent (downy) leaves in dense rosettes looking like a miniature Aeonium lindleyi. The small yellow flowers in a lax inflorescence typically have seven or eight petals. This neat little plant is the old and long-known Sempervivum tortuosum. It is quite variable and, as for most members of Aichryson, the true, unhybridized species is rarely seen in cultivation.
Stems: c. 5 mm thick, hairy, often glabrous below, Branches woody, tortuous, divaricate.