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Lemon White Double Petals Fuchsia 70 Pcs Flowers Seeds

Lemon White Double Petals Fuchsia 70 Pcs Flowers Seeds

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Planting instructions:


Usually carried out in a greenhouse, with deep l0cm shallow basin, rich in humus sandy loam is appropriate. seed germination optimum temperature at 15-25 degrees. After the basin filled with wood Calibrating the soil surface compaction, soil irrigated after water wet, can be planted. Sowing is not too dense, can be incorporated into the sand, along with the seeds sown in the rear surface of the casing (to see the seed for the degree), the surface of the cover glass pots, newspapers, etc., in order to reduce the evaporation of water, usually 10-15 days after germination, mulch can be opened. Fuchsias is perennial semi-shrub, erect stems. like cool, moist environment, fear of high temperature and light, fertile, slightly acidic loose loam is appropriate, the winter temperature of not less than 5 degrees Celsius.