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Adenium oleifolium (5 Seeds) Namibia
Adenium oleifolium (5 Seeds) Namibia

Adenium oleifolium (5 Seeds) Namibia

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 (Adenium oleifolium) of the periwinkle family, Apocinaceae, is a softly-pubescent, succulent shrublet 12-40 cm high, with white latex in all parts, forming a dense mass of rather fleshy leaves and stems, with a subterraneous carrot-like very bitter-tasting rootstock. The inflorescence is a terminal cyme with few pink flowers with deeper red margins, followed by cylindrical follicles (pods) spreading or recurved when mature. This small species can be distinguished by its long, narrow leaves frequently folded along the midrib.
Rootstock (Caudex or bole): Swollen, tuberous, brown-skinned, largely submerged 50–80 long, 15–30 cm wide, bearing 1-several branches.
.Branches: From the upper portion of the bole, erect, fleshy, rapidly tapering, sparingly branched, 20 cm long, 1-2 cm in diameter, pubescent when young, glabrous with age. Bark greyish-white to pale brown, sometimes corky or wrinkled.
Leaves: Clustered at the ends of the branches, linear to very narrowly obovate, 8-21 times as long as wide, obtuse, more or less narrowed at the base, sessile or almost so, 4.5–14.5 cm long, 3–14 mm broad, rather thick, frequently folded along the midrib, semi-succulent when fresh, above shiny, glaucous, or pale green, and pubescent to glabrous. Softly pubescent to subtomentose especially on the underside. Surface wrinkled when dry, secondary nerves quite obscure.
Inflorescences (cymes): Terminal, subsessile, 5–10 mm 5–10 mm, few-flowered, whitish tomentose. Bracts linear, about 4-6(-6) mm long, 1–1.5 mm wide.
Flowers: Flowers showy, ranging in colours from pale pink to red, more intense towards the margin, appearing with the leaves. The shapes, and size is also variable. Pedicels very short (5–8 mm) densely pubescent to pilose. Calyx 6-7 mm long, whitish tomentose. Sepals lanceolate, subacute, to narrowly ovate, 6.5–9(-12) mm long, 3.0–4 mm broad. Corolla bright scarlet or red to pink, pubescent without. Tube yellowish especially towards the base, 5–8 times as long as the calyx, 4–6.6 cm long, 0.9–1.4 cm in diameter, basal infrastaminal part of the tube (1–2 times as long as the calyx), narrowly cylindrical, 8-17 mm long, 3-5 mm in diameter, with 5 hairy lines descending to the middle, glabrous below, upper part of the tube wide funnel-shaped-campanulate, 18-23 mm long, 8-15 mm broad at the throat, mealy-papillose within. Lobes spreading, broad-ovate, cuspidate-acuminate, 12–28 mm long, 8–18 mm broad, with a puberulous scale at the base, 3-15 mm. Stamens 5, filaments 2-4 mm long, barely included or slightly exserted, anthers 5-8 mm long. Ovary of 2 free carpels, glabrous. Style 11–21 mm long; stigma capitate with a narrow basal rim.