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Aloe khamiesensis (10 Seeds)
Aloe khamiesensis (10 Seeds)

Aloe khamiesensis (10 Seeds)

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Plants are erect and up to 3 m tall, usually single-stemmed with only one rosette.
Stem: Stout about 10 cm. in diameter at the base, 120-200 cm. high, but occasionally up to 3 m tall or more, simple, but sometimes the stem is branched into two or three.
Leaves: Crowded at the end of the stem, pale green to dull-green, flat and relatively narrow 40(or more) cm long, 5-8 cm. wide at the base, 1 cm. thick near the base. At their base the leaves curve upwards and at their tips they curve outward. They are densely spotted with small white spots present on the upper and lower surface of the leaves. Margins with sharp, small, reddish brown, triangular teeth.