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Aloe perfoliata (7 Seeds)
Aloe perfoliata (7 Seeds)

Aloe perfoliata (7 Seeds)

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Clumping suckering succulent with short stems leading to compact stiff rosettes growing to 60–100 cm tall, composed of leaves which are usually, each about 20 cm long. Aloe vera is widely cultivated and plus than 150 different clones and variety are available. Nomenclature is controversial too; The species does not have any naturally occurring populations though closely related Aloes occur in northern Africa, but it is mentioned even in very ancient Chinese texts on medicine. As this spotted plant is not the grey surfaced form found in the Canaries, this is considered to have undergone many re-selections over the centuries and is occasionally designated as the form 'Chinensis'.
Leaves: Large fleshy, dagger-shaped, channelled bluish or grey-green, with some varieties mottled with purple or white spots on the upper and lower leaf surfaces, however the spots tends to fade with age. The juvenile specimens have narrower leaves with lighter spots, while mature specimens have wider solid green leaves. Some of the Aloe vera sold retain the juvenile characteristics. They have spiked edges (serrated) with small white teeth or may be smooth.