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Tylecodon cacalioides (7 Seeds)
Tylecodon cacalioides (7 Seeds)

Tylecodon cacalioides (7 Seeds)

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ylecodon is a genus of plants in the family Crassulaceae. The leaves of Tylecodon are deciduous in summer and they are borne in a spiral arrangement, rather than the opposite arrangement of Cotyledon leaves. The species are vary varied, ranging from dwarf succulents such as Tylecodon reticulatus to Tylecodon paniculatus, which may exceed two metres in height. Like practically all of the Cotyledon species, the Tylecodons are poisonous, some of them being decidedly hazardous. None the less, some very attractive or intriguing species are popular among succulent collectors, and novices have been advised to take precautions such as wearing gloves when handling the plants.

Native to the Karoo. Growing 30 to 60cm with stems covered with spirally arranged leaf bases and attractive tall yellow inflorescence in summer.