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Dracaena cinnabari (10 Seeds). Caudex
Dracaena cinnabari (10 Seeds). Caudex

Dracaena cinnabari (10 Seeds). Caudex

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Dracaena cinnabari is a dragon tree native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is fairly widespread, but has a fragmented distribution with different subpopulations showing varying degrees of vigour.

Common and often abundant on the granite of the Haggeher mountains and adjacent limestone plateaus (for instance at Diksam, Reyged, Rewgid and Firmihin). There are also important outliers at Homhil and Hamaderoh and Igliso in the east.

Over much of the eastern and southern limestone plateaus it is less common occuring as small relict populations or as isolated trees. It is completely absent from the western end of the island and sparsely distributed or even absent from large areas of the eastern Haggeher. It is likely that D. cinnabari was, in the past, widely distributed over large parts of Soqotra.