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Euphorbia gorgonis (6 Seeds)
Euphorbia gorgonis (6 Seeds)

Euphorbia gorgonis (6 Seeds)

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Euphorbia gorgonis is a spineless, small growing, species of the 'medusa head' type of euphorbia. It has a deep tap root that merge into a broad subglobose main stem (caudex), which bears a compact crown of short radiating branches in 3–5 series around a branchless flat or depressed central area. It is a choice species, much prized by collectors because of ts symmetrical form and neat habit. It is easily distinguished from its allied species because of its small size and dark red or brown glands (yellow or greenish-yellow in related species). This "Medusa" member of the Euphorbiaceae family was given this name by Alwin Berger in 1910.