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Dioscorea Elephantipes 3 Seeds Caudex
Dioscorea Elephantipes 3 Seeds Caudex

Dioscorea Elephantipes 3 Seeds Caudex

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The turtle is a typical representative of the swollen foliage plant, which is very strange and rare. Plant with semicircular stems, the largest diameter of up to 1 m, stem surface is very thick, cracked into hexagonal tumor or approximate hexagonal corky bark, the tumor has many concentric polygons Wrinkles, like a tree of rings. Cork layer is a protective organization, it is impermeable, airtight, flexible, can effectively protect the internal organization, to prevent the loss of water in plants, and reduce the temperature of the role of plants in the body. Due to a very thick cork layer protection, so that animals are difficult to chew, play an effective role in self-protection. Stems on the cluster of fine and long, winding sprouts stems, 1 to 2 meters long. Leaves alternate, heart-shaped or kidney-shaped, leaves about 2.5 cm wide and 3.7 cm, green thin, with veins 5 to 7. Racemes, yellowish green flowers very small, only 4 mm large, dioecious, after artificial pollination, the female plant after the feather wings bear a wide seed.