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Adansonia rubrostipa (Fony) 10 seeds Caudex Madagascar

Adansonia rubrostipa (Fony) 10 seeds Caudex Madagascar

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Adansonia rubrostipa, commonly known as fony baobab, is a deciduous tree in the Malvaceae family.

Of eight species of baobab currently recognized, six are indigenous to Madagascar, including fony baobab. It is endemic to western Madagascar, found from Parc Nationale Baie de Baly, south.

It is associated with well-drained soils and is found in dry and spiny forests.

It occurs in the following protected areas: Amoron'i Onilahy, Baie de Baly, Menabe Antimena, Mikea, Namoroka, Ranobe PK 32, Tsimanampesotse, Tsimembo Manambolomaty, Tsinjoriake (La Table/St Augustin).