Aeollanthus subacaulis (6 Seeds)
Aeollanthus subacaulis (6 Seeds)

Aeollanthus subacaulis (6 Seeds)

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Perennial herb, growing from from a more or less spherical tuberous root. Stems several, erect or ascending, slightly woody near the base. Basal leaves in a rosette, subsessile, elliptic to oblanceolate, rather stiff, sometimes purplish beneath. Leaves along the stems much smaller, alternate scattered, rarely opposite, linear-lanceolate; margins entire or slightly crenate. Inflorescences sparsely branched or spike-like panicles. Bracts like the cauline leaves but somewhat smaller. Flowers white, mauve or pale violet; upper lip 4-lobed with purple lines or dots; lower lip boat-shaped, 3-5 mm long. Stamens shorter than the lower lip.