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Aloe aculeata ngopanie 10 seeds Zimbabwe
Aloe aculeata ngopanie 10 seeds Zimbabwe

Aloe aculeata ngopanie 10 seeds Zimbabwe

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Aloe aculeata is a (usually) solitary stemless rosette which grows up to approximately 60(-100) cm high, 30(-100) in diameter if not contained by pot. The name 'aculeata' means prickly and refers to the presence of the many tuberculate spines on the leaf surfaces.
Rosette: Each rosette is composed by flattish fat leaves that arch upward like a bowl, though as plants age, plants tend to fall over a bit and lose this semicircular sillohuette.
Leaves: Long and quite broad at the base , 120mm wide, from dull green to turquoise with reddish-brown triangular teeth (or thorns) on the margins and undersides. These warty spines have a different white base colour which give the plant a mottled appearance. The spines is variable, and many older plant populations have no more spines.
Flowers: Some specimens are uniform in colour while others bicoloured, Colors are variable from red to orange to red and yellow, all the way to greenish yellow. Flowers are tubular in shape, 40mm in length, and flattened downward helping distinguish this aloes from most other non-suckering, stemless South African Aloes.
In young plants the infloresence is single up 1 m tall, as the plant matures the inflorescence may split into three or four branches. Each raceme is long and narrow and gradually tapers to the tip.
Blooming season: Mid winter (in northern hemisphere) .