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Aloe albiflora (10 Seeds) Madagascar
Aloe albiflora (10 Seeds) Madagascar

Aloe albiflora (10 Seeds) Madagascar

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Aloe albiflora is a small succulent species with long narrow leaves, grey-green with many small white spot. The white, lily-like flowers of this species are so unique from those of all other Madagascan Aloe species that Bertrand proposed to place Aloe albiflora into its own genus Guillauminia. According to G.W. Reynolds there is no compelling reason for this. It is also distinguished by a great willingness to bloom and produces its inflorescences almost all year round. Very few aloes have white flowers.
Habit: It is an acaulescent, suckering species with compact rosettes that form small clumps.
Roots: Fusiform.