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Aloe bakeri (10 Seeds) Madagascar
Aloe bakeri (10 Seeds) Madagascar

Aloe bakeri (10 Seeds) Madagascar

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Aloe bakeri is a caulescent, branching and suckering, evergreen succulent plant. It slowly forms a mat of up to 100 or more shoots, to 10–20 cm tall by 40 cm wide, of spidery succulent green or reddish-green toothed leaves, heavily mottled with white. In summer it produces red or orange, green-tipped tubular flowers in racemes.
Derivation of specific name: The Latin specific epithet bakeri honours one of two British horticulturalists, in this case John Gilbert Baker of Kew (1834-1920).
Stem: 10-20 cm long, 0.5-0.7 cm in diameter producing offsets at the base.
Leaves: About 12 per rosette, 7-9 cm long, 0,8-1 cm broad at base (often longer in cultivation), triangular, attenuate-acute, dark green tinged reddish, unspotted or with pale green or dull white spots (few on upper face, many underneath). Marginal teeth white, straight or slightly curved, firm, about 1 mm long, 1-2 mm apart. Sheath 5-10 mm long.