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Aloe comosa (7 Seeds) South Africa
Aloe comosa (7 Seeds) South Africa

Aloe comosa (7 Seeds) South Africa

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Aloe comosa is a distinctive single-stemmed succulent shrub 2-3 m tall, but when in flower reaches a total height of 5 metres. The tall inflorescence bears attractive ivory-pink flowers.
Stem: Single, unbranched, old leaves persisting on the stem and forming a tangled skirt or beard.
Leaves: Glabrous, narrow, blade-like, lanceolate, erect or spreading, gracefully recurved towards the tips, about 600-700 mm long, and 120 mm wide, distinctly bluish-grey, with subtle thin brownish longitudinal stripes, the underside is bluish green. Often the leaves take a purplish tinge, especially on in full sun. Lamina is involute. Margins entire, finely toothed with spiny, tooth-like, brown-red thorns 1-2 mm long and 5-10 mm apart. The fleshy blades have a whorled leaf insertion as they emerge from the rosette which sits on top of the erect stem.