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Aloe erinacea (10 Seeds) RARE  Namibia.
Aloe erinacea (10 Seeds) RARE  Namibia.

Aloe erinacea (10 Seeds) RARE Namibia.

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Only recently discovered (botanically, that is) in the mid 1980's in Namibia, it seems strange that such an impressive plant could have remained unknown for so long. It is a winter-growing species, related and very similar to Aloe melanacantha but it can be distinguished from the latter by its open rosettes of spreading leaves and shorter flowers. The plant is compact and almost never offsets (in cultivation), but in habitat it occurs in clusters of up to10 (or more) decumbent stems up to 50 cm tall, covered with old leaves bases.
Stem: Stemless even in old specimens, or short-stemmed.
Leaves: Pale grayish-green, blue-grey or brownish green (in full sun), narrow, deltoid lanceolate, biconvex, keeled, leaves are curved inwards, which gives the plant its rounded shape. About 8-16 long x 3-4 cm wide, and armed with sharp white or black spines, arranged singularly along the keel and margins. They are not tender, but firm and can scrape you. Spines are up to10 mm long, and are glossy white in the younger leaves. The thorns at the leaf bases may be shorter and whitish.
Inflorescence: Simple, densely flowered.