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Aloe inermis (10 Seeds)  Yemen

Aloe inermis (10 Seeds) Yemen

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Aloe inermis is one of the very few aloes with spineless leaves. It is a suckering small shrubby species that forms mall to large clumps to 60 cm tall. It forms open rosettes of long narrow decurving pale olive green leaves on short stems that are smooth to the touch with a deep central channel and toothless margins. In autumn into winter appear a 60-90 cm tall branching inflorescence with salmon red or yellow flower.
Derivation of specific name: The specific epithet “inermis” is the Latin word meaning "unarmed" in referece to the toothless leaf margins.
Stem:: Short (less than 50 cm long), erect or on the ground.
Leaves: A loose rosette of 12-16 leaves, persistent for 20 cm, each 25-30(-45) cm long and 50-70 mm wide, fleshy, lanceolate or ensiform, long tapering, spreading, and becoming decurved, pale olive green or dull grey-green or reddish, pinkish at the base. Younger leaves with few or many dull white lenticular spots towards base. Tip recurved. The upper ones are flat to slightly channelled and the lower convex with a convex back. There is a slightly rounded, smooth, cartilaginous (horny) edge. Surface rough. Marginal teeth absent. The leaves on young plants are opposite at first, only becoming whorled (rosulate) as the plant matures.