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Aloe jucunda (7 Seeds) Somalia.
Aloe jucunda (7 Seeds) Somalia.

Aloe jucunda (7 Seeds) Somalia.

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Aloe jucunda is a miniature aloe with small flat rosettes and the bright green leaves have small teeth along their edges with the characteristic white spots found in many aloes. Its flowers are pink, and open in springtime. This species clusters freely to form dense groups up to 35 cm tall and 0,5-1 metre in diameter, and the individual heads can be used to start new plants.
Stem: Acaulescent to short branching.
Rosettes: Small up to 5-8 cm in diameter with up to 12 leaves.
Leaves: Densely rosulate, ovate accuminate, 4 cm long and 2-5 cm wide, glossy shiny dark green, and almost 'plastic-like' in consistency, flecked with transparent cream spots, surface smooth. The leaf margins are red-brown with a few pungent teeth up to 2 mm long and 3-4 mm apart. These turgid leaves recurve and look very nice. Exudate yellow. The leaves may take a brownish tinge if grown in strong light and under stress.
Inflorescence (raceme): Simple, stem up to 33 cm long, raceme cylindrical, about 13 long, 5 cm in diameter, sub-dense with about 20 flowers. Bracts ovate-acute, 5 mm long, 3 wide. Pedicels 7 mm long.
Flowers: The flowers are pale pink to coral pink 20-30 mm long and 5-7 mm across. Ovary slightly narrowed above, enlarging slightly to mouth. Tepals free for 7 mm. In Aloe jucunda self-fertilisation can occur under the stimulation of foreign pollen and the resulting seeds produces pure Aloe jucunda seedlings.