Bowl Lotus Mix 20 Pcs Flowers Seeds
Bowl Lotus Mix 20 Pcs Flowers Seeds

Bowl Lotus Mix 20 Pcs Flowers Seeds

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1: the sowing time: lotus without a dormancy period, as long as the water temperature can be maintained
At more than 16 degrees the four seasons can, be planted. Lotus seeds at a temperature, light suitable
Conditions, from sowing to flowering spring need 50-60 days, autumn need 60-80 days.
2: the seed treatment: lotus dense hard shell must break before artificial soaking lotus one end of a
Small cusp, the other end has a small pit. To that end have small pits in the rough concrete floor frayed
3: soaking: it is suitable for summer water temperature 20-30 degrees lotus seed germination, depending
On how much seed bowl or basin filled with water to soak the seeds live for the degree. Placed in the
Room, changing the water twice a day, one week can germinate. After sprouting on the sunny place, to
Strengthen the light, not water. After two weeks of fine roots grow two to three young and small leaves.