Brachystelma plocamoides (5 Seeds)
Brachystelma plocamoides (5 Seeds)

Brachystelma plocamoides (5 Seeds)

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Brachystelma plocamoides is a is a dwarf perennial geophyte growing from a large turnip shaped tuber with glabrous, thread like leaves and weeping dividing annual stems. B. plocamoides is similar in habit to Brachystelma lineare, but the leaves are narrower, and the structure of the corona is very different. The intermediate tooth opposed to the anthers being much shorter than the bifid outer segments, reduced to a mere fleshy projection from the inner face of the coronal tube. The segments are confluent into a continuous membranous tube. The rather thin-textured corolla lobes being folded longitudinally are of diagnostic value for B. plocamoides.