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Order 120$+ and all seeds/plants we send in double amount.

Calibrachoa Tropical 50 Pcs Flowers Seeds

Calibrachoa Tropical 50 Pcs Flowers Seeds

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Calibrachoa Tropical 50 Pcs Seeds
Package: 50 Pcs Seeds
Color: light yellow + pink
Germinate: 98%

For indoors growing:
- Sow thinly in trays of seed compost, DO NOT cover with soil/compost, as seed requires light for germination. Firm gently and keep moist. Cover tray with glass/polythene/propagator lid and keep at around 18-24°C. Seedlings usually appear 14-25 days from sowing
- Remove cover when seedlings appear. Spread plants 5cm apart in tray, and grow on at roughly 15°C. Stand tray outside in late may (avoids frost), to gradually acclimatise to outdoors.