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Combretum imberbe (7 Seeds) Caudex
Combretum imberbe (7 Seeds) Caudex

Combretum imberbe (7 Seeds) Caudex

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Combretum imberbe (leadwoodAfrikaanshardekoolSothomohwelere-tšhipiTsongamotswiri/mondzoZuluimpondondlovu) is a characteristic and often impressive bushwillow species of the southern Afrotropics. The medium to large tree[1] has a sparse, semi-deciduous canopy of grey-green leaves. The twigs and leaves are hairless as the name imberbe suggests. Its heartwood is dark brown, close-grained, and very hard and heavy, as suggested by its vernacular name.[2] The durable heartwood is much sought after in the woodcarving industry. The Hereros and Ovambos of Namibia attach special cultural and religious significance to the tree,[2] as to them it is the great ancestor of all animals and people, which must be passed with respect.