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Dorstenia lavrani (7 Seeds) Somalia

Dorstenia lavrani (7 Seeds) Somalia

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Dorstenia lavrani is a many stemmed perennial plant which produced a symmetrical "grove" with many succulent wax-like stems patterned with spiraling rows of whitish leaf scars. Each stem is topped with a rosette of attractively crisped leaves.

Overall, this plant has the appearance of a compact grove of palm trees, and is most attractive. 

Dorstenia lavrani is believed to represent the only species of Dorstenia which is dioecious - in which the male (pollinate) and female (pistillate) flowers, are born on separate plants. So to produce seed, plants of both sex are needed.

This are required to set seed. This contrasts with other dorstenias that have flowers of both sexes on the same plant (and are therefore monoecious) so that seeds are freely produced from just a single plant. In addition to its ‘proper name’, it is also listed under various names such as Dorstenia Taba’a GorgeDorstenia species Mait Plateau and Dorstenia L&H 10341.