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Order 120$+ and all seeds/plants we send in double amount.

ECHEVERIA dactylifera 15 Pcs Seeds
ECHEVERIA dactylifera 15 Pcs Seeds

ECHEVERIA dactylifera 15 Pcs Seeds

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1. Seedling must be in the suitable season and the right temperature, if the high or low temperature, may cause the seeds low sprout rate or even zero sprout.

Normally the seedling temperature should be 15℃~20℃, some items will sprout just 2-3 days, but some items sprout time will be 4 weeks after seedling, so please keep patience when planting lithops. 

2 .Each variety should be in different seedling box, because different varieties with different sprout time, some new sprouted lithops need receive sunshine light, and other seeds need avoid light before sprouting.

3. The soil need to be disinfection treatment before using for seedling, we suggest mix the water and the soil, then put them in a bag without sealing, then use the microwave for the heating disinfection about 10 minutes. (note : if not mix with water or water is not enough, it may cause fire when heating in the microwave, so must mix the soil with water till the soil total wet) By this way, we can effectively remove eggs, weeds and bugs. After sterilization, put the soil outside for cooling.