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Echeveria lutea Fantasmas 10 Pcs Seeds
Echeveria lutea Fantasmas 10 Pcs Seeds

Echeveria lutea Fantasmas 10 Pcs Seeds

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Echeveria lutea - A beautiful small solitary growing plant to 8 inches wide with narrow 4 to 6 inch long reddish-purple leaves that enroll at the margins, forming a deep hollow in the middle of the leaf on the upper surface with the green lower surface facing up, giving the plant a distinct bi-colored look.

This coloration and rolled leaf are most prominent when water-stressed or when grown in full sun - with regular irrigation shade grown plants flatten out a bit and are greener. The unbranched flower inflorescence appears during summer and rises well above the foliage on a straight stalk and arches over towards the tip so that the clear yellow flowers point downwards. In habitat this species is a shade or only part sun growing plant but in cooler coastal climates it will likely take full sun and the leaf coloration will likely be redder.