Fragrant  Black Peony 20 Pcs Flowers Seeds
Fragrant  Black Peony 20 Pcs Flowers Seeds

Fragrant Black Peony 20 Pcs Flowers Seeds

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Peony flower
Peony (scientific name: Paeonia lactiflora Pall.), Alias from, away from the grass, saxifrage mesh, ranunculaceae Paeonia perennial herbaceous flower Root by root below the neck born, fleshy, thick, a spindle or long column, 0.6 ~ 3.5 cm. thick. Peony petals obovate, faceplate for shallow goblet, flowering 5 ~ 6 months, generally only open at the top of the stem or nearly at the top of the axillae, the original white flowers, petals 5 ~ 13. Gardening breed of design and color is rich, have white, pink, red, purple, yellow, green, black and color, flower diameter of 10 ~ 30 cm, petals can reach hundreds of pieces. Fruit fusiform, seed round, oblong, or pointed round. Peony was praised as "little fairy" and "flowers", and is listed as "one of the six famous flowers", also known as "may god", as the ancient as the flower of love, is revered as the representative of Chinese valentine's day flowers. In addition, the peony flowers in a dream of red mansions is a kind of important, "Shi Xiangyun drunk sleep peony Yin" is one of the most beautiful scene in the dream of the red chamber. In ordinary people's cognitive, tend to all the species contained in paeonia lactiflora peony group subsidiary system called peony.
Growth and development stage
Like light, drought tolerance. Peony plants in a year, as the change of climate, rhythm, and the phased development changes. Alternate change of main performance for a living and dormant for a long time. With dormant vernalization stage and growing stage of light is most key. Peony vernalization stage and asked for 0 degrees Celsius under low temperature, after 40 days or so to complete. Then mixed buds can be grow. Paeonia, long daylight plants flower bud to blossom in long development under the sunshine, after mixed bud germination, if time is not enough, light or under the condition of short day usually only leaves no flowering and flowering.
Growth characteristics
Structure and life cycle:. 1. The flower bud of peony bud bud to mix, belongs to the underground bud type, smoke out of the ground is cassia leaf after germination, and exhibition of flower buds Mixed bud is the compound of a variety of primordium, by growing point at the top, bud scale, bud scale in axils of lateral bud primordium, leaf primordium, Ye Yuan shame in axils of lateral bud primordium, urine bract primordium, sepal primordium, petal primordium, stamen primordia and pistil primordium, etc. The bud called generation of bud, bud scales and leaf primordium in the axillary lateral bud primordium is offspring buds of the original body Within the leaf primordium axillary and axillary bud no bud scale for naked bud primordium;. And scales in axils of lateral bud primordium bud scale, form bulbil Spring bulbil germination, offspring naked shoots with the generation of mixed bud internode elongation and stretch out the ground, form the trunk or branches;.. The offspring bulbil not above the ground After being the wineries wither above ground , located in the root extract the neck the top of offspring bulbil became a "crown". Peony crown is only one, in fact be the seed germination, the's west crown. The following year, the offspring bulbil germination unearthed, branch, leaf, flower. So, naked shoots life cycle for 2 years, and bulbil life cycle for 3 years.
2. The flower bud differentiation: peony the axillary bud of the underground bulbil around August, its apex gradually growing point outside-in bud scale primordium, to the second year in May, has formed four bud scale package is growing point, bud scale differentiation in late June. Then, growing point at the top began to produce leaf primordium, have more than one finger bumps and leaf primordium and bud-scales primordium is only 1 ~ 3. Leaf primordium differentiation from early August to the end of the early September .