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Ixia Rosie 5 Bulb-Tuber
Ixia Rosie 5 Bulb-Tuber
Ixia Rosie 5 Bulb-Tuber

Ixia Rosie 5 Bulb-Tuber

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Package: 5 bulbs/corms

Position: Ixia should be grown in pots with a mixture of sand and peat or in sunny positions in the ground.

Soil: Ixia grows best in light, well-drained soil.

Care: should be taken to ensure that the soil is never waterlogged. Before flowering, water the plants and feed them with fertilizer once to stimulate the development of flowers. After flowering, watering should be reduced. Due to poor frost resistance, tubers planted in autumn should be covered with bedding material, e.g. straw or leaves.

Storage: In autumn, when the leaves are not yet completely dried, the tubers are dug up and stored in a dry and airy room with a temperature of 10-15°C over the winter.