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Kosaria barnimiana (7 Seeds)
Kosaria barnimiana (7 Seeds)

Kosaria barnimiana (7 Seeds)

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Description: Dorstenia barnimiana a perennial (almost) stemless, monoecious herb up to 20 cm tall, in the fig family (Moraceae). It has a slightly depressed or subglobose tuber (caudex) with leaves and inflorescences from the tuber. Dorstenia barnimiana is rather variable in features of leaves and inflorescences.

This species has a inflorescence consisting of a green and brown flattened receptacle in a vertical position surrounded by tendril-like appendages. Plants may have entire and palmately compound leaves, and all intermediates in the same population. The inflorescences also vary in colour and in number of appendages. Tuber: Sub-globose to pear-shaped, 2–5 cm in diameter, sometimes with small swelling above, sometimes with a tuberous rhizome with white latex.