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Lobelia valida 5 Pcs Flowers Seeds
Lobelia valida 5 Pcs Flowers Seeds

Lobelia valida 5 Pcs Flowers Seeds

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Lobelia valida, a very showy plant with true blue flowers. Worldwide they are sought after, a rare colour to find in a flower. The colour is striking by itself, breathtaking in mass and always a wonderful contrast to most other colours. Lobelia valida has deep blue flowers throughout summer, a superb perennial for the garden. Lobelia valida grows easily in the garden given a sunny position with light well- drained soil, enriched with compost. It is ideal for coastal gardens. Flowering abundantly throughout summer it is best to replace plants regularly, as the stems tend to get untidy and woody at the base after a year's vigorous growth. Plants live for about 3-4 years, but one might wish to replace them sooner in the garden. For the best display, the plants should be planted 15cm apart.