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Mixed Adenium Obesum 10 Pcs Flowers Seeds
Mixed Adenium Obesum 10 Pcs Flowers Seeds
Mixed Adenium Obesum 10 Pcs Flowers Seeds

Mixed Adenium Obesum 10 Pcs Flowers Seeds

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1. Prepare a plastic seedling tray or small pots. If the containers you use do not have drainage holes, you should poke one hole into the bottom of the container before proceeding. In the case of plastic seedling trays, this can be done by poking the tip of a pen or large needle into the bottom of each compartment. The hole does not need to be large.

2. Fill your containers with well-draining growing medium. Vermiculite works well, as does a mix of soil and sand or soil and perlite.

•3. Scatter the seeds over the growing medium. If using seedling trays or containers with a diameter of four inches (ten centimeters) or less, only plant one seed per compartment. If using a larger pot, spread several seeds evenly over the soil.

•4. Cover the seeds with soil. Only use enough soil to just barely cover the seeds, preventing them from blowing away. The seeds should not be buried deeply. (I usually sprinkle cinnamon on top of the dirt at this point. I've found it helps reduce mold/fungus growth)

•5. Spray the soil with water from above once every three days or as needed until the surface of the soil feels moist to the touch. Keep soil moist at all times.

•6. During germination, the soil and its seeds should be kept at a temperature between the range of 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 29 degrees Celsius). Periodically test the soil with a thermometer to monitor the temperature accurately. This can be acheived with a germination/heat mat or heat lamp.

•7. If you are using a "baggie" method or anything with a lid, remove the lid as soon as seeds sprout. Sufficient air flow is needed to prevent rot/mold.

•8. Transplant the seedlings into more permanent containers. Each seedling should have about six “true leaves” at the time of transplant.