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Muiria hortenseae 10 Pcs Seeds (Gibbaeum)
Muiria hortenseae 10 Pcs Seeds (Gibbaeum)

Muiria hortenseae 10 Pcs Seeds (Gibbaeum)

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Mesembs are mostly adapted to relatively predictable rainfall patterns rather than extreme drought and irregular rainfall. Total rainfall may be extremely low, but water is available at least seasonally or through fog and condensation. This leads to or allows plants which are not especially large and sometimes very small, and affects the way they need to be treated in cultivation.

The basics of care are very simple, with  free draining soil, plenty of sun and ventilation, and regular light  watering in the right season. Yet the difficulties are endless, trying to adapt to the Mesembs' own adaptability and to follow their growth habits in your particular conditions.