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Pegleg Butterbush 10 Pcs Seeds
Pegleg Butterbush 10 Pcs Seeds

Pegleg Butterbush 10 Pcs Seeds

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Description: It is a sparingly branched shrublet with a thick, knobby, tuberculate stem and succulent leaves crowded at the branch tips. 
Stem: Woody, warty up to 50(-100) cm tall, main stem up to 6 cm in diameter, younger branches greenish approx 1,5 cm in diameter densely covered with urn-shaped, greenish-yellow phyllopodia 15 x 3 x 2 mm long with an acute oblique tip.
Leaves: Narrow, thin, paddle-shaped, tapperig toward the apex, yellowish green with a reddish mucro. appearing in winter and dying off in summer (absent at flowering) dropping off cleanly.
Seeds: Extremely small, weighting about 0,03 mg. These small seeds (also known as dust diaspores) can be blown about like dust particles without any special devices for buoyancy. In this species, enormous numbers of seeds are produced at the cost of fewer, larger sized seeds. Because this plant occur abundantly in the arid areas and has specific habitat requirements, the production of increased numbers of seeds is essential to enhance the probability that at least some seeds will reach a favourable germination site. Except for their small size, these diaspores generally lack other appendages to further promote dispersal by wind.