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Pemphis acidula (Shrubby Coral Pemphis) 5 Seeds Caudex
Pemphis acidula (Shrubby Coral Pemphis) 5 Seeds Caudex

Pemphis acidula (Shrubby Coral Pemphis) 5 Seeds Caudex

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The tree is sometimes harvested from the wild for local use as a food, medicine and source of timber. The wood is potentially of very good quality, but because of its small size and the poor form of the bole, as well as its limited supply, the wood is only used on a small and local scale.

Shrubby Coral Pemphis is sometimes grown as an ornamental. There is a significant trade in seeds and live plants, especially in Asia, for growing it as a bonsai.

This plant grows on a variety of soil including coastal fine sand, coastal limestone rock, cliffs, coral conglomerate, limestone bedrock outcrops of atolls etc. It is able to grow in places where seawater wet its roots regularly during the high tide.

It is propagated by seeds, wildlings and roots suckers. Seeds are not directly sown in the field. Nursery-raised seedlings are used for outplanting. Mature fruits can be easily identified by their brown color and each fruit contains 20 to 30 very small seeds which can be collected by gently pressing the matured fruits.