Pterodiscus ngamicus (8 Seeds) Caudex
Pterodiscus ngamicus (8 Seeds) Caudex

Pterodiscus ngamicus (8 Seeds) Caudex

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Pterodiscus ngamicus, as is implied by the specific name, is a succulent species firstly found in the former Ngamiland, Republic of South Africa (now Botswana). It is a is a caudiciform plant up to 30 cm high, resembling Pterodiscus aurantiacus, but generally somewhat larger and the flowers are yellow, red-maroon or purplish with with yellow tube, sometimes suffused with purple. It has a stout rootstock or caudex with a short tuberous branched stem of the same diameter rising up to few cm above the ground, and sending forth from its crown, on the approach of the wet season, numerous leafy, flowering branches, often covered, like the leaves and flowers, with a powdery pruinose pubescence. Leaves variable, up to 10 × 4 cm, entire toothed or pinnatilobed. Flowers solitary in the leaf axils, showy. The fruit usually rotund to circular in lateral view, have a distinct beak, and 4-longitudinal wings not continuous at base, therefore base distinctly cordate.