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Sarcocaulon patersonii (6 Seeds) Namibia
Sarcocaulon patersonii (6 Seeds) Namibia

Sarcocaulon patersonii (6 Seeds) Namibia

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Sarcocaulon patersonii, is a spiny, erect to spreading-ascending, succulent shrub or shrublet up to 0.5 m tall. It is perhaps the most remarkable of all the species of Sarcocaulon, itself an intriguing genus in the Geraniaceae.

This species has wedge shaped leaves and the large flowers bloom in a variety of colours that can transform the landscape beautifully into a magnificent desert flower show.

Colours range from dark pink to almost white. It was introduced in cultivation in Europe in1827. This plant has a thick, waxy bark to protect it from sand storms.

This bark burns quite easily, albeit with a lot of smoke, giving rise to the common name of 'Bushman's candle'. It produces an incense-like odour when burned.