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Scolopia zeyheri 8 seeds Zimbabwe

Scolopia zeyheri 8 seeds Zimbabwe

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Shrub or tree, up to 8 m, glabrous except for the inflorescence. Spines present and often numerous on young trees and sucker growth, but sparse on older trees.

Leaves: petiole 5-8 mm; lamina 2-8 × 1-3.5 cm, very variable in shape, ovate, obovate, lanceolate or oblanceolate, glabrous, dark green above, slightly paler beneath; base cuneate; apex rounded or emarginate; margin entire or crenate.

Flowers in axillary racemes, 1-3 cm. Sepals c.1.5 mm, 5-6, ovate, ciliolate. Petals 5-6, smaller than, but similar to, the sepals. Stamens c. 40. Fruit c. 8 mm in diameter, spherical, fleshy, 2-3-seeded, with persistent style.