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Aloe reynoldsii (8 Seeds) South Africa
Aloe reynoldsii (8 Seeds) South Africa

Aloe reynoldsii (8 Seeds) South Africa

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Aloe reynoldsii is one of the stemless spotted leaf aloes that is very like Aloe striata except for the flower colour and the subtle mottling of the leaves.
Habit: It is a low-growing rosetted plant, clumping with maturity.
Rosettes: 14-20-leaved, 45-60 or more cm tall and in diameter.
Stem: Acaulescent or shortly caulescent, eventually 15-20 cm tall and covered by the remains of dead leaves.
Leaves: Flat, broad, elongated, fleshy, floppy, with a waxy texture, 35 cm long, 11 cm broad, grey green to yellowish-green that turns pinky to pale blue in winter sun, distinctly lineate with longitudinal striations and often subtly mottled on both surfaces with oblong or 'H' shaped cream to greyish-green spots. Margin, wavy, pinkish red, toothless or with minute, white, soft teeth.
Inflorescence: Paniculate. Very slender, 40-60 cm tall with 4-5 branches, racemes subcapitate laxly flowered.
Flowers: Delicate yellow to yellow-orange, tubular, slightly swollen at the base.
Blooming season: Spring.