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Avonia papyracea (25 Seeds) South Africa

Avonia papyracea (25 Seeds) South Africa

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

 Probably the best known member of its genus and and very popular among succulent fanciers Avonia papyracea (formerly known as Anacampseros papyracea), is a dwarf perennial herb scarcely even look like plants, with several slender branches radiating from a tapered rootstock or basal caudex, wholly clothed in silvery white overlapping scales (modified stipules, leaf bracts) completely concealing the tiny, fleshy green leaves below.

The flowers are creamy white, scented, with five rounded petals positioned at right angles to what appears to be a central ring of yellow anthers, but most of its flowers last only 2-4 hours. The flowers are cleistogamous flowers, what means that they fertilize themselves with their own pollen.