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Boswellia elongata (4 Seeds) Socotra

Boswellia elongata (4 Seeds) Socotra

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Socotran Frankincense trees (Boswellia elongata), one of seven endemic species found on Socotra, is a medium to large deciduous pachycaul tree 6-8 metres tall with diverse forms and intricate webs of branching, appearing as one of the very distinctive plants of Socotra.

The long slender leaves, are simple when young turning pinnate and feathery with age.

New growth has an intricate lacy texture like a spiderweb. The colour of the leaves varies from grey, to purple, to light green with pale undersides depending on the environment. An incense resin can be collected from Boswellia elongata, the aromatic sap often forms beads along the trunk making for easy harvest.

However its gum-resin is not so penetratingly fragrant as Boswellia ameero. This is a favourite of the rare frankincense and very good topic for bonsai lovers.