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Order 120$+ and all seeds/plants we send in double amount.

Opuntia microdasys (rufida) Cinnamon 10 seeds  Cacti

Opuntia microdasys (rufida) Cinnamon 10 seeds Cacti

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Fairly large shrubby or tree like, blue-green prickly pear, with several branches and rarely with a somewhat definite trunk to ca 1.5 m high and 2.5 m wide. Spines are absent but the joints have copious evenly spaced areoles in which numerous reddish glochids are borne. The common names in English (blind prickly pear) and Spanish (nopal cegador) come from the belief that the glochids are loose and supposedly may fly into the air when the plants are shaken. The dislodged glochids may get into the eyes of animals and cause severe problems.